Sponsoring education is a proven investment to build the future

Children receiving financial and motivational support through a sponsorship program is proven to have 83% higher rate of university completion.

In Indonesia, over 1 million children drop out of elementary school in 2016 alone due to financial constraints. Humanitree is on a mission to connect your kindness with children needing support to build a better future and pursue their dream.

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Partnering with trusted local organisations

Every cent is delivered responsibly to create direct significant impact.

Vikra Ijas

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Changing a child’s future as easy as subscribing to Netflix.

Fitoria Leksono

Go beyond

Witness the growth of your child and build lasting relationship.

Humanitree Team

We are a group of people who believe that education is the right of every child, will you join our mission?


Reky Martha

Co-founder of Hoshizora Foundation, an NGO who sponsored >1000 children since 2006

Vikra Ijas

Vikra Ijas

Co-founder of Kitabisa, Indonesia’s largest crowdfunding platform for social causes

Fitoria Leksono

Fitorio Leksono

Senior designer at Blue Lounge studio, a US-based product design firm

Meredith Peng

Meredith Peng

A digital nomad, fresh graduate of Georgetown uni with a passion for social impact

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